Micah & Lanna Windle

Micah and Lanna Windle have been called to serve in the pastorate at Summit Bible Church, just outside of Chicago IL. Micah grew up in a missionary family -- First in Bolivia, South America: there his family focused on planting churches and training local pastors. They then moved into working with Rio Grande Bible Institute in south Texas in 2003, where his parents continue to train Spanish-speaking pastors and missionaries.


As Micah re-integrated with American culture, his heart was drawn to minister to the American church. His desire has been to minister to the spiritual needs of the American church since he graduated from high school; and this desire has led him with his family into the waiting opportunities with MCE.


Lanna grew up in the hills of Vermont, with a family that was focused on exposing their children to the needs of the world for Christ. This led her to attend New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI, where she met Micah. They were married in the fall of 2012, and immediately set out to south Texas, to intern at a small church plant.


Over the next four years, Micah worked full-time in several vocations, and Lanna worked as a full-time mother for their three children: Ciara(4) Zane(2), and Abra(newborn). In 2016, they moved from Texas to Chicago, IL, to minister at Summit Bible Church! The ministry there has a cross-cultural dynamic, reaching both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people living in the community.