Kenn & Elizabeth Chipchase

Kenn grew up in the Chicagoland area where he was saved at the age of 14. As he grew in his faith he felt the call to ministry, which led him to Calvary Bible College (now Calvary University) in pursuit of that call. He graduated with both a BA (’13) and MS (’15). While there he met his wife-to-be, Lizzy (AA ’14), and they married in 2013. Lizzy, an Iowa farm girl, was saved at the age of 17, and currently enjoys being a homemaker and mom to their three children.

Kenn has served at Jeffersontown Bible Church, a graduated MCE church plant, in Louisville, KY since 2014 as the Associate Pastor. Kenn assisted in the growth and graduation of JBC and has remained on staff as JBC seeks to fulfill the church-planting-church-plant vison and model set forth by MCE. In pursuit of this vision, Kenn is leading the effort for establishing another MCE church plant in the Louisville area. This effort is in the survey/research stage as the location is being narrowed down, but things are shaping up for a 2018 launch.

Financial support has been hard to come by for the Chipchases and, as a result, Kenn works nearly full-time as an electrician while he continues to reach out to churches and individuals for support. Kenn’s desire is to be less of an electrician and more of a pastor, but to be full-time, the Chipchases need $3750/month in support. Please consider joining the Chipchase Support Team today.