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Midwest Church Extension aspires to permeate every identifiable Midwestern community with the hope of the Gospel through the biblical ministry of reproductive independent churches.
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MCE recognizes that success in the ministry of church planting is significantly dependent upon the effective preparation of the church planter.  As a result, we are in a continual process of creating and implementing multi-level tools and procedures for training and equipping church planters and church planting churches to enhance the likelihood of their success in the ministry of church planting.
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Assessing the health of a church ministry with a view toward assisting the local church in recovering health and vitality or sharpening its ministry to the community.


Midwest Church Extension values its connections with established local churches throughout its sphere of ministry.  The financial, practical, and prayer support garnered from local churches is essential to the successful engagement of our mission to "permeate every identifiable Midwestern community with the hope of the Gospel through the biblical ministry of reproductive IFCA International churches."  MCE personnel are available, and eager, to respond to invitations to present the various aspects of its ministry to the local church on a given Sunday.  Participating in church Mission Conferences is always a welcome opportunity as well. 

In appreciation for the benefits of such relationships, MCE seeks for ways in which it can strenghten its connection with, and serve the local church in ministry.  In addition to offering MCE's church health assessment services, MCE staff members are available to fill the pulpit for a Sunday or, by special arrangement, for a longer period of time as a church may require.  MCE Foundation Conferences are an additional option for the local church that wishes to take advantage of one of the thematic series of messages offered by MCE.

To initiate discussion of any of these "connection" options, please use this link to access the request form.