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MCE Literature
Statement of Faith
It is important that an organization like MCE have a clear statement of its position on various biblical doctrines.  This pamphlet provides a detailed setting forth of our "Statement of Faith".  Churches under MCE's oversight may state these positions in a different format or with different words, but the positions reflected in this brochure reflect the positions we require the churches we plant to adhere to.
You Do The Math            
How many Bible believing churches are there in your community?  Is there a need for ... or even room for ... more?  What is the ideal number for a community the size of yours?  This brochure will help you to "do the math" in determining the answer to those questions.  The answers may surprise you!
Foundation Conferences
MCE Staff members are available for Conference ministry in your church separately or together.  Bible, Missions Conferences can be tailored to your needs.  Let us know how we can serve you and your local church.
What Does MCE Do?
The term "Church Extension" may not be familiar to many.  Essentially it describes what happens when a local church "extends" its ministry to the next community.  MCE helps the local church to extend its ministry through churchplanting.  We are church planters, pure and simple, and we plant churches that will be church planting churches.  This brochure describes our ministry in that regard.
Where Do You Fit In?
The spiritual needs of our country are great.  Given the dwindling resources (both finances and personnel) available to advance the cause of Christianity, it is clear that help is urgently needed.  Read about the need and consider what part you can have in supporting church extension through MCE by your personal and/or financial involvement.
IFCA Vision America
VISION AMERICA is the name by which IFCA International's church planting endeavors in the United States is known.  The purpose of VISION AMERICA is to create a perpetual wave of church planting activity in which an increasing number of IFCA related churches play a part in sponsoring church plant projects.  Read more in this brochure.
Church Anatomy 101
In the present day, there are many types of churches with many different types of names and descriptions.  You can no longer "tell a church by its name" any more than you can tell a book by its cover.  MCE is engaged in the ministry of planting independent Bible churches.  While churches vary widely in terms of their ministry and "personality", this brochure describes what an MCE church is like in some important areas.
MCE Internship Opportunities
Internships for missionary church planters are available on a limited basis.  This is often a key piece of MCE's strategy for placing missionary church planters on the field.  Hands on experience and training in the specialized ministry of church extension can be an invaluable benefit.  This brochure gives you a sense of what is provided in our internship ministry.
IFCA Vision World
Vision World CoverIFCA International's church planting thrust, on a global scale, is outlined in this brochure.  Learn how local churches can become a part of this important effort to reach untold millions around the world through church planting missionaries.

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