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Stewardship Planning

Sound, biblical stewardship includes both the use of assets in meeting needs while we are alive and ensuring godly use of them after death.  Sound, biblical stewardship also includes disposing of and using assets in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

To encourage such stewardship, Midwest Church Extension has partnered with Believers Stewardship Services Inc.  BSS offers: (a) educational seminars and materials to local churches and other ministries; (b) educational literature to explain various topics of financial; and (c) estate planning, and personal conferences to work with believers (and their professional advisors, when appropriate) in developing plans to meet both their material needs and their spiritual goals.

Specific services are available in the following areas:
Financial Counselling
  • Budget review and preparation
  • Investment strategies and retirement planning
  • Risk analysis and insurance needs review
  • Basic income tax planning
  • Advanced tax planning
Estate and Trust Planning

Local Church & Ministry Support

Donor Advised Funds

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