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Planting Today For A Harvest Tomorrow
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This is so simple but so powerful as an evangelistic strategy. Here it is: make a list of every non-Christian you know. That is a great first step in evangelism. This list identifies your mission field. These are people God … Continue reading
» Should you pray for non-Christians?
Do you pray for lost people?  Really, do you consistently pray for people you know who are not believers? Paul instructed Timothy to teach others that they should pray for non-Christians. “I exhort, that first of all  supplications, prayers, intercessions … Continue reading
» Talk and Eat
The venom is dripping as the Pharisees made this statement about Jesus: “he eats with sinners.” They couldn’t imagine it. Nothing could be so degrading and defiling that hanging around with lost people. But Jesus did it. In fact he … Continue reading



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