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Planting Today For A Harvest Tomorrow
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» Apologetics and evangelism
By “apologetics” we don’t mean apologizing. By “arguments” we don’t mean arguing! The English word “apologetics” comes from the Greek word meaning to defend, to make a reply or to give an answer as in a courtroom defense. An argument … Continue reading

» Watching The Lights Come On
SUBDIVISION MISSION FIELD Oak Village is a quiet little subdivision that was carved out of the woods northeast of Atlanta about 15 years ago. Trees that echo the voices of squealing children flank its winding lanes. It’s a nice place … Continue reading

» 3 Effects of the Smartphone on the Great Commission
The technological revolution is real and its growth continues to propel us through life at a rate that cannot be grasped by our finite minds. That growth has happened so fast that we are only now starting to comprehend some … Continue reading

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