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Planting Today For A Harvest Tomorrow
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» Don’t read this if you already have too many new believers in your church.
Are you getting the results you want in evangelism in your church?  Please stop for a moment in your busy schedule and ask yourself this question.  What do you aspire to accomplish?  If we’re honest with ourselves, there is always … Continue reading
» How do you define success in evangelism?
Airlines proudly announce their record for on-time arrivals. It is meant to be a selling point because they will get you to your destination on time. That is obviously a good thing to measure, but is it the most important … Continue reading
» What the priesthood has to do with evangelism
The “priesthood of the believer” is an intriguing concept when it comes to evangelism. We normally think of this doctrine in terms that we have direct access to God without going through another human being. We have “boldness to enter … Continue reading



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